Monday, 21 April 2008

Yes...I am useless (or perhaps busy) read my last (and lets be honest, only) post I realised that setting up a blog is a great idea but actually writing it is a lot harder to maintain. I would like to say that I have been doing some incredibly interesting and exceptionally stunning things like bungee jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge or swimming cageless with Great White Sharks but, sadly, none of this is accurate.
I have in fact been side-tracked, waylaid, nay robbed by time. He's a little bugger this time feller. He sneaks in, beats you over the head with a second hand and before you know it he's robbed you of a month. And what do you have to show for that month? A drastically reduced bank balance, slightly emptier freezer and a burn mark on the carpet. I wonder if it would ever be possible to catch him so I set up a little trap in the corner of the room. Four days later all I had caught was an insanely large amount of dust and one rather miffed bee. Although catching a bee was really a good thing because, apparently, in 10 years time there won't be any left. That's what I keep hearing anyway. I don't know where they are all going, but perhaps its like the dolphins in "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish." Maybe they know something we don't and are vacating the planet for safer climes. If you see a Vogon construction

Meanwhile, I am left here pondering the miracle that is time. Before clocks, did we have time. Did cavemen look at the sun and say "Ah, it's half past latest, time to go hunting again?" I am sure if I was a scientist I would be able to offer some mathematical equation which explains the inner workings of time but I am not. I'm just a simple English teacher. I could write you a poem about time but that's about it. Maybe I will do that on the next post (which, lets face it is likely to be in another year!)


Karen said...

Hey busy bee - hope you don't get trapped in the corner of your classroom... with some dust!

Toastie said...

The very fact I am checking this in work suggests that my committment to my job is possibly less intense than it should be...besides, you inspired me to blog again!